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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Granite Kitchen Table

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JAKARTA, – Along with the times and changes in kitchen interior design trends, now kitchen tables are not only made of wood, but also granite.

Besides being strong, granite also provides a more aesthetic and unique appearance on the kitchen table.

Launching from Counter Top Guides, Saturday (7/8/2021), before choosing to use granite for kitchen countertops, know the advantages and disadvantages of the following granite.

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1. The kitchen table looks more beautiful

Granite has a characteristic that is abstract motifs and various colors. This is a natural product that has a timeless or timeless design and style.

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Using a granite countertop in the kitchen will enhance the appearance of the kitchen and make it the center of attention of many people. Choose colors and motifs that can blend with kitchen cabinets, floors or walls.

2. Not easy to scratch and heat resistant

Another advantage of using granite for kitchen countertops is that they are not easily scratched. This is because the texture of granite is very hard and sturdy.

Not only that, granite is also heat resistant, so using it as a stove table would be ideal.

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When you have to drain food from a hot pot or pan and place it on a granite counter, it won’t damage the table.

3. Not easy to get stained

Cooking activities in the kitchen certainly cannot be separated from various oil stains, dishes, or sauces and other kitchen spices.

But, you don’t need to worry, because with proper care the stains on the granite countertop won’t leave an imprint or stick.

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