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So far it’s been a secret to a famous food stall, how to make savory meat stews, the key is in the stove fire – All Pages

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Here's how to make delicious restaurant-style beef stews, beginners can do it

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Here’s how to make delicious restaurant-style beef stews, beginners can do it – Are you a fan of beef stews?

If yes, then the following things you need to know.

Semur is often used as a side dish for vegetable ketupat during major Muslim holidays.

However, it turns out that making stews is not as easy as imagined.

The enjoyment of stews has always succeeded in stealing the hearts of the family.

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There are many filling ingredients that can be used to make stews, ranging from eggs, chicken, meat, and even tofu.

However, due to the long cooking process, sometimes the contents of the stew are destroyed.

Unlike eggs, because we have boiled the eggs first, so there is no need to cook them for a long time.

Well, to avoid this, let’s look at the following tips.

Meat Stew Cooking Tips

– For the use of beef, choose the beef that is a bit tough in texture.

For example, the ankle part of the meat.

– Use of fire is very important when cooking.

It’s best to use a low heat when uncovering so that the spices soak in at the right temperature.

– If serving chicken and fish stews, we can fry the chicken or fish before frying.

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Because, chicken and fish will be more easily destroyed if cooked for a long time.

Apart from chicken and fish, we can do the same process if we use tofu or potatoes.

– In order not to harden due to the frying process, ingredients such as chicken, fish, tofu or potatoes are fried in hot oil.

Do not fry it until it is cooked, but only until it is skinned.

– Make sure to always cover the pot or pan during the stew to prevent evaporation.

That way, the food will be easily cooked and the spices will seep into the stuffing of the stew.

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Not evaporating out due to open pots or pans.

Those are the tips that we can do to avoid the stuffing in the stew being crushed before the spices seep in.

Because in addition to disturbing appearance, of course it will also feel less delicious when eaten.

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If you want to be proficient, don’t give up easily if you fail at cooking.

Don’t forget to try the following tips when serving stews for your beloved family.

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Good luck in the kitchen.

Good luck and don’t fail.

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