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Caring for Environmental Waste, Village Farmers and Ranchers Offered POC Training

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TUBANTIMES – The amount of livestock manure and environmental waste adorning the corners of villages or hamlets makes Al-Hikmah Real Work Lecturers provide training on making Liquid Organic Fertilizer (POC) and compost for farmer groups, farmers, planters.

The activity which took place on Jalan Blora, Bidding Village hall, Kenduruan District, was attended by farmers, planters and local village ranchers, Sunday (22/08/2021).

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The Head of the Village, Muhamad Arief, said that he appreciated the existence of Al Hikmah KKN students in his village. The reason is, the problem of environmental waste and the classic problem of lack of fertilizer continues to be a scourge for farmers and planters when the planting season arrives – plants and farmers who lack animal feed can be in the dry season.

On the other hand, residents who work in the agricultural and livestock sectors have not been able to utilize (production, ed) animal dung or environmental waste to be processed into fertilizer.

“The dilemma is that environmental wastes are dumped in rivers. As a result, they pollute the environment. We hope this fertilizer training can provide knowledge for our residents,” he explained.

Arief, who is familiarly called the Village Head of Kenduran, admitted that the collaboration between the Al-hikmah KKN brothers and the community, by means of training in utilizing environmental waste, can be beneficial for residents who work in the agricultural and livestock sectors.

“The wishes of farmers/planters and ranchers to produce cheap fertilizer and animal feed can be fulfilled here,” he continued.

That way, the production of POC, continued Arief, farmers, breeders can add economic value and improve the economy of agriculture and animal husbandry.

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On the same occasion, the Chairperson of the KKN Group, Siti Halimus Sunah, said that the POC and Compost training using animal waste could later be beneficial for plant and animal plants around the environment. In addition, farmers’ dependence on chemical fertilizers can be reduced.

“Farmers and planters here will be able to reduce dependence on chemical fertilizers,” he said.

Monitoring at the location of participants who took part in the POC training in Tawaran Village was quite enthusiastic when participating in the management of waste into fertilizer, guided by a campus livestock lecturer.

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