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2 Ways to Make Butter-Filled Coffee Bread for Neat Topping

  • Share – A special feature of buttered coffee bread is topping The crunch is made from a mixture of butter and coffee.

To make topping Butter-filled coffee bread so that it melts perfectly and doesn’t fall apart, you need to be careful when giving topping on the bread.

Before making bread with topping coffee, see two ways to give topping Butter-filled coffee bread to keep it neat and not messy below.

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1. Wear piping bag

To facilitate the giving process topping Butter-filled coffee bun, you should use it piping bag or triangular plastic.

You can enter topping into piping bag and snip off the ends a little to remove the contents.

illustration of bread and coffee. PIXABAY/SEBALACHOWICZ illustration of bread and coffee.

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2. Give the topping up to two -thirds

Don’t give topping full bread to the entire surface of the buttered coffee bread dough.

According to the Head Pastry Chef of Beau Bakery Arief Maulana Ikhsan, you should give topping until two-thirds of the bread is covered.

“Love toppingJust two-thirds of it from above is enough because it will melt, right down,” said Arief.

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