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Efforts to Save the Earth Are the Reasons for These PKK Mothers to Plant Various Vegetables

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Sariagri – The issue of global warming has been a topic of discussion for years. Various efforts to reduce it are now starting to be intensified.
One of them is what is done by the Family Welfare Development (PKK) women in DKI Jakarta. They grow various types of vegetables such as pakcoy, mustard greens, tilapia and mujair.

The chairman of the DKI Jakarta Provincial TP PKK, Fery Farhati, explained that the current harvest was a joint program since 2 months ago. “Farming benefits can be felt in the environment. It can even create eco enzymes that can help clean the air and cover ozone,” said Fery in a written statement.

He added that this is a small step that we can help to protect the earth. “I invite the residents of Jakarta to plant various types of plants, together to become food warriors during the pandemic,” he said.

In South Jakarta, the Yellow Betel Farmer Entrepreneur Group harvests kale. Previously, the cadres planted vegetables in an area of ​​600 square meters. Jagakarsa Sub-district Head, Alamsyah said that this vegetable harvest is a model for utilizing existing land, even in a narrow area such as an urban area.

“I have also tried to use it at the official house and in the sub-district. So this is a form of collaboration between all of us, hopefully the harvest in the future can be even better,” he said.

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Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the TP PKK Jagakarsa District, Yeni Rachmawati Alamsyah, said the harvest could run smoothly and could be beneficial for the administrators as well as local residents. “Hopefully in the future there will be new seeds that can be planted so that they are useful for PKK cadres or residents in the Rw.09 neighborhood of Srengseng Sawah Village,” said Yeni.

It is known that Jakarta celebrates the harvest in the context of the 76th Indonesian Independence Day. Apart from online, this harvest also takes place at the Ragunan Tourism Agro Education, South Jakarta on Friday (20/8).

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