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How to Make Aglonema Leaves Turn Red

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JAKARTA, In recent times, leaf ornamental plants have become one of the trends and are favored by plant lovers.

In addition to the pattern, the beautiful leaf color is also the reason many people collect leaf ornamental plants.

One of the most popular leaf plants is aglonema. If in general, aglonema leaves are green or whitish green, you can brighten the color to red to make it more beautiful and of course the selling price is higher.

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Generally, the price of bright colored aglonema is sold at a higher price than pale colored aglonema such as the lipstick aglonema type.

However, you can outsmart it by fertilizing to brighten the aglonema leaves more red.

Launching from Zamroni Channel, Sunday (22/08/2021), here’s how to make aglonema leaves turn red.

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Place in an area not exposed to direct sunlight

Aglonema is an ornamental plant that can live both indoors and outdoors. But, if you intend to put it in the house, make sure the plant is still exposed to sunlight even though it is not direct.

You can use fiber on the roof so that direct sunlight cannot enter the room. In addition, this method is also effective in brightening the color of the leaves.

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Aglonema doesn’t need a lot of water, so you can water it once a week and apply organic fertilizer every four days.

Then, water the plants with liquid NPK 16-16-16 fertilizer every two weeks. Dissolve one tablespoon (sdm) of NPK fertilizer into three liters of water.

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In addition to proper care, there are special tips to make aglonema leaves turn red. Here are the ingredients and the steps.


  • One liter of clean water
  • 16 tablespoons gandasil B (dose according to age and size of aglonema)
  • Filter
  • One liter water bottle

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Steps to make fertilizer

First, mix one liter of water with 16 tablespoons of gandasil B, then stir until all ingredients are well mixed.

Second, strain the mixture of these ingredients using a sieve and put it in a bottle spray.

Finally, spray the solution on the plants or growing media.

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