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Recommended Living Room Wall Decoration Ideas So It Doesn’t Look Empty

  • Share – Often we are confused with what decorations are suitable to be placed on the living room wall.

Because if left alone, the walls of the living room will look empty.

A plain appearance on the wall is not necessarily interpreted as a minimalist decoration, it actually seems less attractive and lacks color.

It will be a beautiful wall display if we decorate it with certain objects or furniture that are in harmony with the color of the sofa or table in the living room.

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This living room wall decoration will complete the look of our living room, while making the living room a pleasant place to relax.

For a better look on the walls of the Kawan Puan living room, consider the following decorating ideas.

1. Assemble a framed picture

As reported by, if you want to maintain a minimalist look that doesn’t have too many colors, framed images are a great choice for you.

Placing four pictures of the same size and parallel on the wall will look neater, more precise, and perfect for your living room.

No need to put a full photo in the frame, just a smaller photo will make your living room look more amazing.

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