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How to Warm Butter-Filled Coffee Bread to Keep it Crispy

  • Share – Delicious butter filled coffee bread served while still warm with a crunchy texture.

Some sellers of buttered coffee buns are also common to serve bread in this condition. However, the crunchy texture of the butter-filled coffee bread didn’t last long.

According to the Head Pastry Chef of Beau Bakery, Arief Maulana Ikhsan, butter-filled coffee bread can no longer be crispy due to the presence of water activity in bread.

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“Here we can interpret water activity Where is that toppingit has absorbed the moisture around the bread or also from the bread contain humidity yes, that will move to toppingso it must be wet,” said Arief to, Saturday (21/8/2021).

Illustration of coffee bread stuffed with butter and a cup of kopitiam style coffee. SHUTTERSTOCK/NOVI PURWONO Illustration of buttered coffee bread and a cup of kopitiam style coffee.

Arief said that bakeries that sell buttered coffee bread usually store the bread in an oven at a low temperature so that the texture of the bread remains crisp.

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However, he doesn’t recommend doing the same when making buttered coffee buns on a home scale.

Arief suggested, it is better to warm the bread again so that it remains crisp when it is served.

“Of re-heat just don’t stand by in the oven continuously. If stand by Then the bread will be dry,” said Arief.

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If you want to warm the buttered coffee bread, Arief said, don’t use it microwave but it is best to use an oven.

Use microwave will make the bread moist, not crisp.

“Not recommended with microwave Yes, because microwave it makes it tough and wet, not dry, you should use the oven,” said Arief.

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