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Hypercar Czinger 21C Breaks Laguna Seca Lap Record

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Last month, Czinger introduced the production specifications of its 21C hypercar. As part of the promotional activities surrounding its launch, the hypercar has successfully set a new record.

The Czinger 21C hypercar set a new lap record at the WeatherTech Laguna Seca Raceway in California.

The record recorded at Laguna Seca was carved by Randy Pobst who drove a McLaren Senna with a time of 1 minute, 27.62 seconds.

Czinger 21C successfully overturned the record with a time of 1 minute, 25.44 seconds with Joel Miller sitting behind the wheel.

The hypercar is in standard form using Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2R tires.

“It goes without saying that we are pleased with the performance of this car,” said Ewan Baldry, Chief Engineer at Czinger.

“To be able to achieve this lap time with a car that will go into homologated production is the result of the incredible hard work of the Czinger team and in particular our ability to exploit the cutting-edge technology we have access to.”

In addition to the McLaren Senna and Czinger 21C, the modified Tesla Model S Plaid also set a new record for electric vehicles on the same track.

Tesla Model S Plaid recorded a best time of 1 minute, 28.213 seconds. The zero-emission sedan recorded that time during the TeslaCorsa 16 event on August 1.

The Tesla Model S Plaid is now listed as the third fastest car to successfully record the fastest time at WeatherTech Laguna Seca Raceway, California behind the Czinger 21C and McLaren Senna.

The standard version of the Hypercar 21C produces 1,250 horsepower (932 kilowatts) from a 2.88-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine developed by Czinger and powered by two 800V electric motors.

The hybrid powertrain provides all-wheel-drive capability with a 7-speed sequential transaxle gearbox on a 1,250 kg hypercar.

In technical specifications, the Czinger 21C is claimed to have an acceleration of 0-100 km / h in 1.9 seconds with a maximum speed of 405 km / h.

To compensate for its brutal strength, the Czinger 21C is equipped with carbon ceramic brakes measuring 410 mm at the front with 6 calipers, and 390 mm with 4 calipers at the rear.

Reportedly, a more hardcore version with a better power-to-weight ratio is also being developed by the Los Angeles, California-based manufacturer.

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