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Recipe and How to Make Putu Mayang Cake, Delicious Traditional Food But Almost Forgotten

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PRIANGANTIMURNEWS – Indonesia has a wide variety of traditional foods. Almost every region has its own special food.

One of the typical foods of Putu Mayang This food is a typical food of the archipelago, but the current condition is almost unknown because it is inferior to western food.

Whereas the typical food of putu mayang cake, besides being easy to make, is also delicious and safe for health, because the ingredients used all use natural ingredients.

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The following will be presented, the recipe and how to make a cake putu Mayang. You can try it at home while on vacation with your family. The materials needed are as follows:

The ingredients for the kinca sauce:

-400 ml santan

-50 gr granulated sugar

-1/4 tsp salt

-2 pandan leaves

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