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Digital literacy as a means of increasing knowledge of cultural heritage – ANTARA News Central Kalimantan

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Palangka Raya (ANTARA) – The importance of digital literacy for the community, one of which is as a means of increasing knowledge about cultural heritage.

The culture in question, namely all knowledge, mindset, behavior, and habits of the people that are usually acquired or passed down from generation to generation, said Head of Disparpora Bartim Forty when he became a resource person for the Indonesian Webinar More Cakap Digital, Saturday.

“Therefore, in today’s digital era, digital literacy is important as a means to improve it,” he said.

The acceleration of digital literacy, especially for the millennial generation, has increased quite significantly, such as in online learning and others, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Digital literacy can be done through various combined video content of images and photos accompanied by text which usually contains invitations, appeals, and information for the audience.

“Digital literacy is to increase knowledge about cultural heritage, one of which can be done by utilizing influencers,” he explained.

This is because an influencer is someone who can influence the community, such as public figures, bloggers and others who are considered important in certain communities.

He explained, to succeed in digital literacy, the public must also understand digital transformation, namely the difference in the variety of digital devices or facilities used between the past and the present.

If in the past the devices used were still analog, now they are increasingly developing to support easy access to information and public communication, namely digital-based.

For this reason, it is hoped that the community can maximize digital literacy in order to get many benefits, one of which is a means of increasing knowledge about cultural heritage to the next generation.

As for this webinar, other speakers were also present, such as underwater videographer Audita Harsono who discussed digital skills, an educator Enni Teresia discussed digital ethics, and Sebelas Maret University Lecturer Karlina Denistia discussed digital security.

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