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Maximizing the internet to get many benefits for children – ANTARA News Central Kalimantan

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Palangka Raya (ANTARA) – In this digital era, people are required to be able to use the internet to support various activities, and get many benefits.

One of them is maximizing the internet to get many benefits for children, said Fiska Suratmono, one of the resource persons for the Indonesian Webinar More Digitally Capable in the Gunung Mas area, Central Kalimantan.

“If people can use the internet properly and wisely, then various positive impacts can be obtained for children,” he said.

Such as faster and easier access to information, the growth of digital technology innovations that facilitate online or online learning, improving the quality of human resources through the development and utilization of information technology and technology.

“Also the emergence of various learning resources, such as online libraries to online discussions,” he explained.

It’s just that to be able to get all of that while preventing the negative impact of internet use on children, parents must be able to develop that is to understand the use and use of digital devices properly.

Because parents’ misunderstanding of the use of digital media has the potential to give birth to problems in using digital media, namely various negative impacts that can occur.

“The risk of the negative impact of the internet on children, such as addiction, access to negative content, cyberbullying, invasion of privacy and others,” he explained.

For this reason, the most important step that parents can take in maximizing the internet and preventing these negative impacts is to provide the right understanding and discuss with children before providing devices or gadgets used to access the internet.

He explained that the things that need to be discussed are the needs, responsibilities and risks. For this reason, before giving the device, parents and children both understand and discuss this together.

“Maintaining and supervising children in cyberspace is as important as parental attention in the real world,” he explained.

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