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Kasal Introduces KRI Golok-688: Hit and Run Missile Fast Ship

  • Share – Chief of Naval Staff (Kasal) Admiral TNI Yudo Margono, inaugurated a new strike force, named the Republic of Indonesia Warship (KRI) Golok-688, at the PT. Lundin Industry Invest, Banyuwangi, Saturday (21/8). The ship is produced by PT. Lundin Industry Invest.

Yudo said that the construction of the Trimaran Fast Missile Ship (KCR) is an important manifestation of fulfilling the needs of the Indonesian Navy’s defense equipment in accordance with the existing strategic planning, including the vast area of ​​Indonesian waters that needs to be protected.

This ship is the first product made of composite material which has the advantages of high specific strength, lighter weight, and has excellent fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance.

“The philosophical meaning of naming this ship is that KRI Golok-688 should be used to carry out any given operational task, both Military Operations for War (OMP) and Military Operations Other Than War (OMSP). With high speed and high destructive power The size of this ship is expected to be able to carry out the hit and run missile fast boat tactic,” said Admiral Yudo in a press release received.

In addition, Yudo revealed, the construction of the KCR Trimaran ship has succeeded in developing defense industry technology for the national interest which is able to become a solution in an effort to reduce dependence on other countries regarding the procurement of the Navy’s Alutsista in the future.

KRI Golok-688 type KCR Trimaran has a total length specification (Loa) of 62.53 meters, a width of 16 meters, a ship height of 18.7 meters from a draft and a weight of 53.1 tons. Maximum speed of 28 knots, cruising speed of 16 knots, this warship is also armed with 30 mm cannon and 12.7 mm gun and is capable of carrying 25 crew members.

This activity was also attended by the Asrena of Kasal Admiral TNI Abdul Rasyid K, Pangkoarmada II Admiral TNI Dr. Iwan Isnurwanto, Danlantamal V Admiral TNI Yoos Suryono Hadi, M.Tr.Opsla, CHRMP., Kadisadal Laksma TNI Maman Rothman, Kadislaikmatal TNI Admiral Budi Sulistyo, CHRMP., and Banyuwangi Regency Regent Ipuk Fiestiandani. [rnd]

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