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The Enchantment of Al-Qahar Mountains, The Most Beautiful Tour in Saudi Arabia

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REGION Jazan di Saudi Arabia offers a rich variety of environments and tourist attraction . The authorities have worked to develop its potential in recent years through a number of programs and initiatives that are in line with the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030.

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The region has become one of the leading tourist destinations in Saudi Arabia.

Jibal Al-Qahar, or Al-Qahar Mountains, in Al-Raith, for example, ranks among the most beautiful tourist sites in the country.

Located about 130 kilometers northeast of Jazan, the extraordinary shape of the unique rock formations, steep slopes, deep gorges and narrow valleys, including the famous Wadi Lajab is a sight to behold.

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Launching from Arab News , Saturday (21/8/2021), these mountains offer a charming aesthetic landscape that serves as a backdrop for towns and villages where residents have learned to coexist with the rugged terrain.

A wide variety of plants thrive in the mountains and valleys, including some rare trees, including the al-shatb, which is similar to palm, juniper and pine.




The mountains are increasingly popular with tourists.

Some want to relax and enjoy the scenic beauty and serenity as they explore the valley; more adventurous want to hike in unique mountain environment.

For those interested in history and heritage, there is also archaeological evidence of previous inhabitants of the area that are thousands of years old.






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