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How to make a mind map __________ Note: be a shampoo ambassador: v

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1. How is the language used in the text?2. Show the use of direct sentences in the text 3. Write the use of adverbs…

the time contained in the text4. Write the use of place adverbs found in the text5. Write the use of temporal conjunctions found in the text

How to make a mind map __________ Note: be a shampoo ambassador: v

How it Works Making pulp by mentioning the results and conclusions in making paper pulp

Mention some things that need to be considered to implement MOS that educates

The main idea of ​​the paragraph is

The part that contains the general impression that the author gets after seeing the object described is called

Compile procedure text by paying attention to its structure on how to prevent the corona virus

Determine the elements / main points of this news: the development of the world of information technology makes it easy for the public to access everything …

We can feel this from the ease of getting various information about political, economic, technological, sports, educational and socio-cultural issues both through online media and electronic media, it cannot be denied that if most people are hungry for information, this can be fulfilled by watching, listening even though reading news texts through news texts we can find out various factual information about current and happening events

Activity 1: conclude the persuasive speech the theme of the speech: speaker: broadcast/broadcast time: form of greeting used: form of greeting used: rank …

uman: content: cover:

Write the life cycle of a butterfly using a simple chart or scheme?

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