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“Computers consist of various types and specifications depending on the needs and prices

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I want to ask you, what is the correct answer? Thanks for the explanation :D, thank you!​

please Help me answer this question no 5 – 10. ​

1. Persuasive sentences quote the speech. contained in the sentence numbers….Presidential elections will soon be held. 1) As a citizen…

good country you should use your vote wisely. 2) This means that you have to choose the best presidential candidate who is able to bring good to this nation. 3) Therefore I invite you not to be skeptical by wasting your vote. 4) Let’s use your right to vote properly and wisely.A. Sentence 1B. Sentence 2C. 3D Sentences. Sentence 4​

Look for two descriptive texts from various media! compare the linguistic elements of the two puzzles

pls answer bro for tomorrow questions 1 to 5

Dela : Hi, Bita. What’s up?Bita : Nothing, just looking at my family picture.Dela : Would you like to tell me about your family?Bita : Yes, sureDela :

So, I guess this is your mother.Bita : Yes, a). . . . name is Yanti and this is my father. b). . . .name is Yanto. He is a chef.Dela : How many sibling do you have?Bita : I have three siblings. Zulfa, Fira and Riri. Zulfa is c) . . . . twin sister. Dela : Really? How happy you are to have twin sister but you do not look alike. Bita : Yeah. Ilook like my mother while my twin sister looks more like my father.Tolong bantu jawab lengkapi titik titik tersebut dengan tepat pliss ​

Observation results based on aspects of language aspects a. Persuasion, invitation b. Opinion c. Facts d. Technical word (term) e. Causality conjunction f. K…

or mental work g. Referral words Conclusion on internet stories and haki please don’t be silly…​

help me answer my friends

Help me answer this question. ​

write an experimental report text..

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