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How to build your own home and be free from Jinn interference

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Home should be a comfortable place. Because, home is a place where we unwind after activities, as well as a place to gather energy to face tomorrow.

But, what happens if at home, you feel restless, uncomfortable, and as if someone is paying attention? If you feel that way, it’s a sign that your house is being visited by a jinn.

Take it easy, Bella. You don’t need to call a shaman or a smart person to get rid of him. You can build your own house and practice the following tips so that your home is free from jinn disturbances. See how here.

How to break into a house

This is How to Rukiah Home and Be Free from Jinn Pogung Dalangan

It is not difficult to break into your own house. You just need to clean a little and read a few letters of the Qur’an. Here’s how to put one together for use with your home.

1. Clean the house of animate pictures

This is How to Rukiah Home and Be Free from Jinn Gouw

First, the thing you do to meruqyah the house is to clean the house of animate images. Remove displays and photos that stick to the wall.

Rasulullah once said, that a house full of living pictures then the angels are reluctant to enter it. This is in accordance with the hadith of the Prophet which reads as follows.

لَا تَدْخُلُ الْمَلَائِكَةُ بَيْتًا فِيهِ تَمَاثِيلُ أَوْ تَصَاوِير

“Angels will not enter a house in which there are statues and pictures (of life)” (Narrated by Bukhari).

2. Read the letter of Al-Baqarah

This is How to Rukiah Home and Be Free from Jinn Dancing Rain

After cleaning the house from animate images or photos, you can start ruqyah the house by reading the letter Al-Baqarah. Nah, Surat Al-Baqarah is believed to be able to expel the jinn in the house.

Read the letter of Al-Baqarah after prayer, can be read gradually. However, it would be better if the provisions of Al-Baqarah are read at once. You do not need to read it aloud, even in a low voice is allowed.

Read the letter of Al-Baqarah regularly every day. By God’s permission, the jinn in your house will leave.

3. Reading short letters

This is How to Rukiah Home and Be Free from Jinn Dancing Rain

If reading Surah Al-Baqarah is difficult for you, the next way to build a house is to read a short letter. There are six short letters that you can read to build a house. The letter is as follows.

  • Al-Fatihah
  • Ayat Qursy
  • Al-Kafirun
  • Al-Ikhlas
  • Al-Falaq
  • An-Nas

The way to start visiting the house is to provide a bucket of water. Then, read the six letters above in front of the water. Each letter is read three times and then blown into the water you have provided. While reading, while expressing the intention in the heart to meruqyah the house and expel the interference of jinn.

If you have, use the water that has been read out to mop the floor of the house or spray it on parts of the house. Spray water on the walls of every room, bed, and closet. While spraying water, you can also recite the Qursy Verse.

Do this regularly. Later, signs will appear in the form of dead animals, such as lizards, ants, or mice. If there is magic planted in the house, strange things will appear that you never expected.

Tips to keep the house free from jinn interference

This is How to Rukiah Home and Be Free from Jinn Castillo

If the rukiah you are doing is successful, you need to keep the house free from jinn interference, there are several ways you need to do it. The method is as follows.

1. Routine worship and recitation of the Qur’an in the house

This is How to Rukiah Home and Be Free from Jinn T

The first tip to keep the house free from jinn disturbances is to regularly worship and read the Koran at home. By doing this, Insha Allah no genie will disturb your house.

2. Dispose of damaged items

This is How to Rukiah Home and Be Free from Jinn🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič

Next, throw away the damaged items. Damaged goods are believed to be a place favored by jinn. For that, immediately dispose of items that have been damaged and unused from the house. In addition, disposing of damaged items can also make the house more spacious, right?

3. Place plants inside and outside the house

This is How to Rukiah Home and Be Free from Jinn Perkins

The next tip is to place the plants inside and outside the house. Plants can not only clean the air, but can also attract positive energy so that the house will always feel comfortable to live in.

4. Always keep the house clean

This is How to Rukiah Home and Be Free from Jinn Done

Finally, always keeping the house clean is the next way to avoid jinn interference. A clean house will also make its residents healthy and comfortable to linger at home.

That was how to build a house and tips to avoid it from being disturbed by jinn. Hopefully useful and can make your home more comfortable.

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