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Deputy Regent of Subang Kang Akur Ahead of the Rainy Season Planting Trees in Ciasem Subang | Current News News

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SUBANG-Beritaaktualnews. Com-Deputy Regent of Subang Agus Masykur accompanied by his wife who is also the Deputy Chairperson of the TP PKK Ega Agustine Rosyadi was present at the same time carrying out the initial planting of environmental conservation activities to preserve the Ciasem river spring, at Bukit Jamali Sukamandi, Sagalaherang, Saturday (21/8/2021) .

Also attending the event were members of the DPRD for Subang Regency, the head of the Sukamandi village, the Kapolsek and Danramil of Sagalaherang, the Ma’rifatussalaam Foundation, the Ma’rifatussalaam al-quran junior high school, the head of the Sagunung Samaung foundation and the Subang Nature Care Society (Mapas).

The tree planting activity with the theme of nature conservation for sustainable prosperity, it is planned that around 1,100 trees will be planted by a team from ACP, a team from the Sagunung Samaung Foundation, the Subang Nature Care Society (Mapas) and the students.
ACP Program Director Ati Nurhayati in her report said that the activity was in commemoration of the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia and the continuation of the 1 kurban, 1 tree program, so that 14 species of trees were collected with a total of 1,100 trees.

“Some of them will be planted with rare trees such as matoa, resin, eucalyptus rainbow 5 and there is also our favorite tree, the jengkol tree,” said Ati.

We hope that this tree planting activity is not only limited to ceremonial activities but also must continue to be carried out in a sustainable manner with correct planting techniques, selection of good seeds and most importantly monitoring and guarding plants until this conservation effort is successful,” he said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Regent of Subang Kang Akur, the nickname of Deputy Regent of Subang Agus Masykur, on behalf of himself and the local government of Subang Regency expressed his gratitude and highest appreciation to the Action Cipta Peduli (ACP) community who had carried out tree planting activities on the Jamali Sukamandi Sagalaherang hill. .

“The tree planting activity must be an inspiration for institutions, communities, community groups and individuals in environmental conservation efforts.

God willing, more and more elements of society who care about the environment will certainly help preserve water sources.” Said Kang Akur.

Kang Akur on this occasion also appealed and invited all the people of Subang Regency to maintain and preserve the surrounding natural environment for the future and safety of all of us,” said Deputy Regent Kang Akur. (bds)

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