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What is Baked Alaska, a Dessert Made by Nadya MasterChef?

  • Share – One of the participants of MasterChef season 8, Nadya, made baked alaska in the challenge of processing various chocolates, Saturday (21/8/2021).

Launch The Kitchnn, baked alaska is dessert or a sweet dessert consisting of layers of cake, ice cream, meringue, and marshmallow.

Special features baked alaska is on the layer meringue or beaten egg whites with sugar baked on the outside of the cake.

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There are two ways of baking baked alaska. First, baked alaska can be baked in the oven for less than five minutes on very hot temperatures.

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Second, meringue in baked alaska can be ripened using torch fire to part of the surface baked alaska brown.

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Dessert This semicircular sweet, which includes a fancy old school cake, requires a long technique and time to make.

Because, in addition to having to make a cake first, baked alaska also requires ice cream that is completely frozen so that it doesn’t melt during baking.

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Although finished baking, baked alaska can still be served frozen and whole for 30 minutes. This is a privilege dessert from New Orleans, United States of America.

If there is any left, baked alaska can be saved in freezer to freeze the outside or the meringue.

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