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Pupuk Indonesia Invites Millennials to Innovate in the Field of Food Security through the Fertinnovation Challenge

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Pupuk Indonesia (Illustration). Indonesian Fertilizer Photo, JAKARTA – PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero) held a Fertinnovation Challenge 2021 to encourage millennials in universities to compete in agricultural research.

Later, the state-owned company will develop, utilize, and commercialize various innovations that appear at events in commemoration of Global Fertilizer Day that.

Deputy President Director of PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero) Nugroho Christijanto stated that the Fertinnovation Challenge aims to reach ideas and innovations to support the SOE’s vision as a provider of plant nutrition and sustainable agricultural solutions.

“The Fertinnovation Challenge 2021 competition period will be held from August to November,” said Nugroho through a press release from Pupuk Indonesia.

Pupuk Indonesia provides prizes with a total value of Rp. 300 million. Besides, the winners Fertinnovation Challenge 2021 will also have the opportunity to obtain research incubation financing worth IDR 1.5 billion in the form of research idea development, exclusive internships, and coaching.

Currently registration for the Fertinnovation Challenge is open. The provisions regarding the competition can be accessed on the official website of PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero).

Prospective participants in the event must meet a number of requirements, including, student status (undergraduate and postgraduate) or has graduated from college for a maximum of 2 years on November 1, 2021; Indonesian citizens, and a maximum of 2 individuals or teams accompanied by a supervisor. The event is open to all national and global universities, as well as all relevant disciplines.

There are three categories in the Fertinnovation Challenge 2021. The first is the category of precision agriculture innovation (research proposal).

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