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Bangka Regent encourages farmers to use vacant land

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Sungailiat, Bangka (ANTARA) – The Regent of Bangka, Province of the Bangka Belitung Islands, Mulkan, encouraged the community or farmers in his area to use vacant land to plant productive crops.

“I encourage people to use vacant land to plant productive crops so that it will provide additional family income,” he said in Sungailiat, Saturday.

According to him, vacant land such as in the yard of a house or an empty area of ​​former tin ore mining which has a wider area can be used to create its own added value.

“By utilizing vacant land for plants, it will provide added value and help alleviate the needs of families because they do not have to buy,” he said.

He also added that vacant ex-mining lands scattered in a number of areas could be developed for agricultural and fishery development.

“Usually, ex-mining areas have holes where there is enough water so that they can be developed for freshwater cultivation, so that on land, plants such as fruits and vegetables can be planted,” said Mulkan.

He ensures that the availability of community food needs that can be met alone can reduce dependence on supplies from outside the island of Bangka.

“If food crops are able to be fulfilled by the community themselves, it will certainly reduce dependence on supplies from outside the island of Bangka,” he explained.

Currently, the Regent added, there are some ex-tin ore mining lands that have been reclaimed, although not all lands have done the same thing.

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