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4 Ways to Make a Non-Crackable and Not Hard Tumpeng

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The key to the enjoyment of tumpeng is not just the taste. A delicious and successful tumpeng means the arrangement should not crack.

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The tumpeng rice also shouldn’t be hard, because generally the tumpeng won’t be eaten right away like normal food.

Here’s how to make an anti-cracked and hard cone from Delicious dishes.

1. Choose quality rice

It is important to choose good quality rice, clean, fragrant, and fluffier. The reason is, the rice that is pera is at risk of making the cone of rice cracking and even collapsing.

Keep in mind that yellow rice is the main component in making tumpeng, so make sure you have the budget to buy the best quality rice.

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2. Mix the rice and glutinous rice

The secret to making tumpeng rice not hard, easy to print, and not easy to collapse is in the mixture of rice and glutinous rice.

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Soak the rice and glutinous rice mixture a few hours before cooking the rice. Aron rice, then steamed until cooked.

Cover the cooked rice with plastic to prevent the rice from drying out and hardening from exposure to air.

3. Insert the banana leaf at the end of the cone mold

Tumpeng rice illustrationShutterstock / triocean Tumpeng rice illustration

Before putting the rice into the cone mold, put a banana leaf on the inside end of the mold.

The banana leaves help to prevent the rice from sticking to the cone mold and the result is a perfect cone.

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4. Do not press the rice too hard

During the rice molding process, do not press the rice too tightly into the cone mold. Tumpeng that is too dense will actually make the rice hard.

Don’t worry about the cone crumbling or cracking, because if it’s mixed with glutinous rice, the rice will stick well.

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