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10 Simple Wall House Fence Models

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Are you looking for a simple wall house fence model? let’s see the discussion in this article.

Being able to make the dream home is everyone’s desire. Which in its manufacture requires time and costs are not cheap. There are many parts of the house that need attention to fit the concept of the house you are making, one of which is the fence. The fence of the house is actually very important for the security of the house and also the owner and family members who live in it, the function of this fence other than as home security also serves as a complement to your home design concept.

Here we provide some things to consider when making a house fence that is correct:

1. Raw material and composition

The first is the raw material and composition, you have to pay attention to the raw material and composition for the fuel you make, so that the agar you make can be sturdy and also not excessive in composition so that the costs you spend on making it are not too expensive.

2. Fence Design

Then the second is the fence design, in making the fence design you can be creative yourself to make the fence design you want. Which is also in accordance with the design of the house and also the concept of the house that you make but still takes into account the security side of your home.

3. Fence Color

In choosing the color of this fence should not be underestimated because the color of the fence will affect the beauty of your home. The colors that have been widely used in making fences are black and gray, but you can also choose a fence color that matches the color of your home so that it blends with the concept you created.

fence model

fence model 2

3 . fence model

Here we present to you 10 simple wall fence designs or models:

1. Fence Model with Natural Shades

The first is a fence model that combines the walls at the bottom and above using wood.

This model unites a wall fence with a simple appearance with several wooden planks arranged in a horizontal position. To make it more in line with the concept of natural nuances, you can add some bamboo plants in front of the fence to give it a fresher atmosphere.

2. Model of Iron Fence and Wall

Next is a fence model that combines the wall at the bottom and uses iron at the top.

This model is to unite a wall fence with a plain simple appearance then at the top of it, stack flat iron horizontally, totaling 4 layers above it. Then given a black color on the iron and the walls are colored with gray. Apart from being a wall decoration, this iron is also an additional security system to prevent unwanted people from entering your home area.

3. Carved Fence Model

The third model is a wall fence that uses carved designs to create an attractive and unique wall appearance.

The entire surface of this wall is decorated with simple geometric carved designs but can make the exterior appearance of your home more beautiful and attractive, of course.

4. Wall and Vinyl Fence Model

In this fourth fence model combines between wall fences that use white rustic brick raw material.

Then combined with a black vinyl panel on the top. Produce a fence that has an attractive black and white appearance and will beautify the exterior appearance of your home.

5. Classic Wall Fence Model

Furthermore, in this fifth fence model, combining a fence made of large black and red rustic bricks and black iron that complements it, so that this fence has a strong and sturdy impression.

This fence model is suitable for those of you who have a classic house or who want to have a castle-style house.

6. Simple Wall Fence Model

This 6th fence model is suitable for those of you who want a simple wall fence model.

In this model the fence uses a combination of brown with white accents so as to make the color and shape of the fence in accordance with the circumstances around the house.

7. Wall Fence Model with Ornaments

In the seventh number, we show you a wall fence model that uses iron ornaments made using laser cut technology on this seventh fence model so as to add a unique and futuristic effect.

So this is a combination of the wall fence at the bottom and then at the top using iron ornaments. Then there is the gate also uses the same iron fence as the fence so that it will make the exterior appearance of your house very attractive and very amazing.

8. Natural Modern Wall Fence Model

Then the next wall house fence model is natural modern. So in this wall model, the fence is made with terraces at the bottom and middle of the fence filled with grass.

So that makes this fence model greener which is also interesting. So as to give a fresher atmosphere.


9. Model of the White Shades of the Wall Fence

If you want to create a clean and bright atmosphere on the exterior of your home.

Using this wall house fence model is the right solution, because in this model the walls are painted using white color and are also given simple accents using stones of the same color as the fence walls.

10. Wall Fence Model with Plants

If you want a green fence, this model can be a solution.

So in this fence model at the front of the fence is given a little space as a place to plant some green plants so that the fence of this house becomes greener and gives a fresh impression. You can also decorate this wall with stone accents that match the color of the wall.

Those are some simple wall fence designs that you can use as a reference in making your dream home or residence fence. Hopefully what we have presented to you can add insight and knowledge to all of us and can also be useful. Thank you.

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