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5 Ways to Make Terrarium, Beautiful Ornamental Plants in Glass Containers

  • Share – Terrarium not only looks beautiful because it puts ornamental plants in the glass, but can also be a solution for planting in narrow areas.

Quoting (21/01/2021), terrarium is one way of caring for plants using glass containers. Usually, selected plants such as succulents and cacti.

Aside from the positive effects of raising houseplants, creating a terrarium is also a perfect way to help relieve stress while expressing creativity in a limited space. shares how to make a terrarium that is easy to practice at home, here are the steps:

1. Choose a glass container

The selected glass container can be from a former jam jar, or other open glass containers that we have at home. The bigger the size the better.

Make sure the terrarium uses a glass container with an open part not only to make it look beautiful, but also to allow for better airflow.

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2. Create a drainage layer

This is arguably the most important step in making a terrarium, which is adding proper drainage.

Making a drainage layer is very important because the glass container that we make does not have drainage holes. This can help prevent root rot.

To make it, use small rocks at the bottom of a glass container, then add a thin layer of activated charcoal on top.

Charcoal acts as a detoxifier and will remove any chemicals that may be in the soil and can also remove bad odors.

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