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How to Win Shopee Planting 1 Million, This is the Easy Way –

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Shopee is holding an interesting event for those of you who get free money. Watch this article to the end to find out how to easily win Shopee Plant 1 million.

Shopee is an e-commerce application that is quite popular today. This application presents offers that are quite attractive so that quite a lot of people use it.

This marketplace often offers attractive promos such as cashback, discounted prices, events with prizes, games and one of the main promos is free shipping.

Well, after holding a Shopee Sale promo in the previous month, Shopee again held a Shopee 1 million 2021 bonus event. Here’s how to win Shopee Plant 1 million.

Shopee Tanam

This event, which is being held by Shopee, is called the Shopee Plant 1 million bonus which, as the name implies, allows you to get a total prize of Rp. 1 million to your ShopeePay balance.

Unlike previous events that require users to invite friends or check-in on the Shopee application, in this application all users can participate.

In this Shopee Tanam game, users are required to plant a virtual tree in the Shopee application by watering themselves or asking friends for help to water Shopee plants.

During a certain period in the Shopee Tanam game, there is also a game called Shopee Tanam Kilat. The following is the time period or schedule for Shopee Tanam Kilat.

What time is Shopee Planting Lightning Schedule?

To speed up the growth of your plants and they can be harvested immediately in a short time, there is a period called Shopee Tanam Kilat which is only available at certain hours.

Now, there are lots of users who question the schedule of Shopee Tanam Kilat what time it is. The answer is, Shopee Tanam Kilat takes place at 12 noon and 7 pm.

Shopee Tanam Kilat will continue every day during the event period. Oh yes, you also need to know that Shopee Tanam Kilat only lasts for 2 minutes after it starts.

This event has various prizes up to a ShopeePay balance of 1 million. Curious how to win Shopee Plant 1 million and harvest Shopee Plant? Here’s how.

Cara Menang Shopee Tanam 1 Juta

For those of you who want to take part in this event, it’s very easy. If you want to get extra money from this event. You can immediately follow the complete guide below.

  1. First, click here
  2. Then water the plants
  3. Next, go to your Shopee Plant page, select the desired gift and then plant a tree
  4. Water your plants, then ask other friends for help so the process is fast
  5. After that, you just need to harvest the Planting Shopee.

To speed up the tree so that it harvests quickly, you have to invite a lot of friends to help water your plants and use the tools that are already available in the shop menu.

Cara Panen Shopee Tanam

There are several phases that you have to go through to be able to harvest trees at this Planting Shopee. You have to go through 4 stages from seed, tree, fruiting, to finally harvest.

Of course to be able to harvest trees it takes a long time. Unless you have lots of friends who are willing to help water your plants.

In this way, the tree or plant that you are planting in the Shopee application can be watered and grow quickly when compared to not asking for help.

To invite friends to water your tree for a quick harvest, you can press the Ask for Water Help button to friends on your social media.


Maybe that’s all Sabilia can discuss on this occasion about how to win Shopee Plant 1 million. Hopefully this review or tutorial can be useful for you.

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