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Turns out, these are 4 reasons cats bite us

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JAKARTA, – Cat behavior can vary, ranging from funny to dangerous for us as the owner. One of them is the habit of cats biting us.

Often times cat bites are not actually done, so they don’t cause injury. Usually this happens when the cat is playing with us.

However, if your cat bites and holds or suddenly bites you for no reason, contact your veterinarian to make sure there is nothing physically wrong with your pet cat.

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If there’s no medical reason behind your cat’s biting behavior, consider other possible ways for you and your cat. Cat body language can sometimes be difficult to predict.

Reported from Daily Paws, Saturday (21/8/2021), here are some reasons cats bite us that we need to know.

Illustration of a cat biting its owner's hand.SHUTTERSTOCK/BOGDAN SONJACHNYJ Illustration of a cat biting its owner’s hand.

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Cat aggression falls into four categories. In general, cats bite out of playfulness (especially young cats), fear or pain, frustration, or predatory impulses.

1. Play behavior

Biting is a routine play behavior that begins in kittens at 12 weeks of age and continues through their first year. These mock fights teach them hunting skills as well as adult cat communication skills.

As for the rough play, it’s their way of testing the limits. Inside the home, kittens seek to identify people as caregivers or playmates.

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If they see you as a fellow kitten, they will be more likely to bite during play and offer gentle “love bites” during interactions and affection.

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