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Prices Rise, Tobacco Farmers in Kendal Earn Big Profits Amid the Pandemic

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Kedunggading tobacco farmers are starting to harvest and are enjoying good results. (

MURIANEWS, Kendal – Tobacco farmers in Kedunggading Village, Ringinarum District, Kendal Regency have managed to get a blessing in the midst of a pandemic. This is because the average price and quality of tobacco in Kendal has increased.

According to the farmers, this year’s tobacco harvest conditions are better than the previous year, both in terms of the quality of the tobacco leaves and the price.

One of the tobacco farmers in Kedunggading Yasiman Village said the tobacco plants this time were quite good because they were not affected by pests and diseases.

“The most supportive thing is the weather where so far there has been no heavy rain during the day so that the tobacco leaves look fresh and thick green,” he was quoted as saying., Saturday (21/8/2021).

Meanwhile, the Head of Kedunggading Village, Budiyono, said that most of the farmers in his village grow tobacco.

“In Kedunggading village, the total area of ​​rice fields is about 111 hectares and 90 hectares of them are planted with tobacco. The tobacco harvest this year experienced a significant increase when compared to the previous year,” he explained.

Previously, the harvest of tobacco plants did not reach 2 tons per hectare, now it has reached 2.4 tons per hectare.

The village head added that the tobacco harvest price this time was better than the previous year.

“The highest price for dry chopped tobacco is only Rp. 32,000 per kilogram, but this year it could reach around Rp. 35,000 per kilogram,” Budiyono added.

The improvement in the quality and price of tobacco this year has also succeeded in attracting more demand for tobacco from tobacco processing factories.

So that tobacco farmers in their villages can reap more blessings in the midst of the sluggish economy due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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