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How to make a CV so that HRD looks at it

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JAKARTA, – A curriculum vitae or commonly called a CV is very important in the job application process. Through this document, the recruiter can determine the eligibility of prospective candidates to enter a company.

With the process of uploading job applications to a company getting easier, recruiters or HRD are often flooded with CVs from job applicants. Therefore, there are a number of tricks for prospective workers to pass the process screening CV.

Human Resources professional Samuel Ray said, with the increasing number of job applications received, the time that the company has to view the CV of each candidate is getting less and less.

Therefore, the first way that prospective applicants need to pay attention to is to make sure the CV is short, concise, and not long-winded.

“Because of the time you have recruiter not much, maybe less than 10 seconds,” said Samuel at the Kompasfest event, Saturday (21/8/2021).

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By writing a short CV, Samuel advises applicants to immediately emphasize the achievements and skills possessed in the document.

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According to him, in writing a CV, it is better to avoid a number of unimportant points, such as irrelevant education, such as the applicant’s kindergarten or elementary school, as well as the applicant’s hobbies.

“Unless the hobby is relevant to the position applied for,” he said.

In addition, prospective applicants are also asked to avoid writing that is opinionated, and prioritize points that are factual.

“If there is no measurement, there is no need to write it down. What is an opinion does not need to be written down,” said Samuel.

With little HR time, Samuel likens writing a CV to a brochure, where applicants need to write down important points that can attract recruiters.

“Finally, make sure the CV is easy to read, not too many colors, because it will complicate the process scanning, said Samuel.

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