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Price of Hyundai Staria as of August 2021 in Indonesia and the Exterior-Interior Specifications of this Latest MPV Car

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DIY NEWS – Hyundai Staria is officially sold in Indonesia starting August 20, 2021. PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia (HMID) sets a relatively cheap price when compared to the Toyota Alphard MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) car.

However, the price set includes a premium. And of course the specifications of the Hyundai Staria from the interior to the exterior must be supported by sophisticated capabilities and perform on the streets of Indonesia.

“We invite colleagues to be witnesses in the launch of the Hyundai Staria product. This futuristic and premium MPV will give a greater meaning to life experiences. Larger Than Life,” wrote Hyundai in its press invitation on Friday, August 13, 2021.

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Specifications of Hyundai Staria

The thing that immediately looks unique from the Hyundai Staria car is the exterior appearance that looks like a spaceship or futuristic cars without wheels in the future, like in animation. Astro Boy.

“We realize that Indonesian people always prioritize valuable time to give meaning to life. Hyundai always tries to exceed customer expectations,” said SungJong Ha as President Director of PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia, at the launch of this MVP car on Friday, August 20, 2021.

In the interior of the Hyundai Staria, there are 7 to 9 seats, depending on the choice of the car variant that will be selected.

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