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Croffle aka Croissant Waffle Recipe

  • Share – Croffle. Processed food made from pastry and made/cooked using a waffle pan, is currently viral and trending.

The food outlets that sell croffles are crowded with consumers, even the queues are “snaking”.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to stand in line to taste the croffles, because croffles are actually very easy to make at home.

How much trending these croissants?

Cookpad Communications & Community Lead, Aprina, said that Cookpad has dozens of croffle recipes.

Cookpad is a recipe-sharing application that is widely used to search for various food recipes.

“In Cookpad, there are not many recipes for this croffle menu, less than 50,” said Aprina when contacted, last week.

According to him, to make this food requires special tools or molds.

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“There are not too many of these tools. The problem is in the tools. Waffle molds are special, yes, not everyone has them,” he continued.

Aprina said, of the total recipes in Cookpad today, traffic croffle recipes are experiencing an increase in July 2021.

For those of you who want to try making croffles at home, this is one of the recipes for making croffles shared by Cookpad users.

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