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7+ Stock Taking Apps for SMEs and Big Companies

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The stock taking application is one of the software that is present to facilitate business activities

JAKARTA, JITUNEWS.COM – The stock taking application is one of the software that is present to facilitate business activities thanks to technological developments. This application, which is also often referred to as a stock application, functions to control inventory for businesses. If controlling goods manually tends to be difficult and time-consuming, then with this application, everything becomes faster and easier.

What is a Stock Taking Application?

The stock taking application is software that is used to calculate the inventory of goods in the warehouse. The calculation process is usually carried out before the goods will be sold, to ensure whether the inventory is still sufficient or not. Thanks to the stock application, you can stock up on items quickly and easily, and have the opportunity to get accurate data.

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Along with technology that continues to develop, now stock goods applications have been equipped with various features, such as barcodes. This feature can certainly make the process of calculating the stock of goods faster and more efficient, as well as recording data with minimal errors. In addition, the data obtained thanks to the use of this application will be more accurate, because the system works automatically.

It is recommended that you use the stock application so that you have no difficulty in calculating. Because if you use the manual method, the process of counting goods can take a long time and is prone to errors. In addition, the automatic way the application works makes you avoid losses due to fraud committed by employees.

Benefits of the Stock Taking Application

Each application is presented with the intention to provide its own benefits for its users. This stock taking application can also provide many benefits for you in managing the availability of goods in the warehouse. Some of these benefits are minimizing losses due to shortages or excess goods.

In addition, this application can later be used as follow-up information if one day there is a case of lost goods. Empty stock of goods in the warehouse can also be overcome by using the stock application. You can also ascertain exactly how the flow of goods in and out of the property.

From some of these benefits, you can also get other benefits, such as being able to find out which items you like the most or not. In addition, you can also find out the condition of the goods in real time, and can make plans to complete the stock of goods. Indirectly, you can also save the budget for hiring a warehouse manager, because this application is quite helpful.

Recommended Stock Taking Applications for Business Sales

Because there are more and more enthusiasts for stock applications, the types of applications available are more numerous and varied. You can read the full information before choosing so you can reconsider. If you are still confused about choosing the best one, please try the following recommended stock applications:

1. is one of the stock taking applications that has many advantages. One of them is that it can provide a faster form of tracking. With the existence of, you no longer need to track data manually.

This is because all these conveniences have been provided in this one application. In addition, you can track specific items and filter sales as well as provide markdowns. Another advantage of this application is that it provides a function to determine orders to set the purchase order format.

This is usually used when making reports. In the buying process, it is usually equipped with a purchase form or commonly known as a purchase order. The existence of this form is used for authentic evidence in the purchase document.

In addition, can help you find out the condition of the inventory. This is very important to do to physically count the product inventory in stock. In addition to knowing the accuracy of reports in a form of bookkeeping.

This application can also help you in performing the functions of the Internal Control System with better techniques.

2. Myne – Sales and Inventory Manager

The second recommended application is Myne Sales Inventory Manager. The existence of this application can provide convenience for business people in controlling sales. You can monitor every development that is in the company.

Of course, every development shown, will always be taken into consideration to determine the next steps to be taken. Growing or even experiencing a decline, of course you must always pay attention to the right steps that must be taken.

In addition, this application also provides a form of graph that shows the monthly progress of the business being run. That way, you can find out more quickly about the companies you manage.

3. Inventory Management for Small Business or Store

Inventory Management is a software specifically designed to provide information related to the available stock of goods. In addition, you can record sales and find out what inventory is in the warehouse.

For those of you who have a business form such as a gift shop, drug store or others, using this application is the right choice. Of course, all forms of information related to the stock of goods, can be known in a more precise way and step.

Inventory Management has two versions that are both equipped with various excellent features. There is a free version as well as a paid pro version. Of course, the features offered have a variety of shapes and types.

In fact, it’s not surprising that Inventory Management has far more complete features than the free version.

4. Easy Inventory Management Offline

It’s already clearer, isn’t it from the name of this application?. Of course, the Easy Inventory Management Offline application can be used to track and monitor existing inventory.

This application, can help you in following the trail of a product. If, you have a more diverse type or number of products, using this software system is the right choice.

5. Smart Inventory System

The existence of the Smart Inventory System is one application that allows you to track goods. In the process of using it, you can use the facilities you have.

One of them is by doing attendance using a barcode or maybe using a QR. Also, these apps can be backed up via the cloud.

6. Application of Inventory Inventory of Goods Plus Finance

In a shop, be it a pharmacy, cooperative or perhaps other types of trade, it can make the body healthier and more energetic, this is because the stock taking application can offer various applications for supplying goods.

Of course, this is done by being equipped with interesting features. You can use this method very easily. One of the features that complement it is the offline feature.

You can do this management in an easy way and can be managed in a more optimal way. This application can also be used to view all financial report results and export them into other types of documents.

7. Stock Controller-Inventories

The next application is Stock Controller. This software system can provide convenience for business people in carrying out inventory management. In addition, this application has been equipped with offline features.

This provides an advantage if you do not have an internet connection. So, you will not feel the loss of data. In 2015, this application was nominated as one of the Best Business and Finance App.

Thus, the quality provided by this application no longer needs to be questioned.

8. CUKE-Sales, Stock and Cash Flow Management

The next application recommendation is CUKE-Sales, Stock and Cash Flow Management. This application, being one of the most popular software, has used it more than 90 countries.

So, it’s no wonder that installing this application is one of the favorites that is often used by business people. This CUKE application is very suitable if used for types of micro businesses, resellers, freelancers or other types of businesses.

You can do this form of product management in an easier and faster way. In addition, this application can also control everything that is needed by a company.

Therefore, the existence of this application is very beneficial for many parties involved. Besides being able to control the stock of goods in the warehouse. The CUKE application can also assist management in controlling every transaction that occurs in a company.

Of course, every item that goes out or even that comes in, must include accurate data. This can be one way to always control the company’s goods to be more optimal.

Equipped with various features in this application. Can make your job easier in terms of grouping reports that must always be considered.

With this report, you can find out whether the company owned is experiencing an increase or maybe even a decline. So, you can take more appropriate actions to be implemented in the next period.

When to Use the Stock Taking Application?

You can use the stock application every day to monitor the availability of goods in the warehouse. Stock control activities are indeed very important to support business continuity, so they must be carried out frequently. Generally, you need to do more in-depth control over a period of time.

You can choose to recalculate inventory annually, quarterly (4 months) or quarterly (3 months). However, you can also do it once a month, so that the goods in the warehouse do not run out when they are needed. But in general, businesses of all levels check goods every 3 to 4 months.

If you have a business that is classified as large and has a lot of items, you can be helped by this stock application. Only by scanning the barcode on a smartphone or other device, you can get information regarding the inventory of these items. Now, even when you are not in the warehouse, you can find out how the inventory is.

Well, after knowing the information related to this stock taking application, are you interested in using it too? The stock application has been equipped with various advanced features that make the control process easier than the manual method. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you use the stock application, so that you can control goods more efficiently.

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