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Canyon: Map Terbaru Valorant 2021!

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Hello Vicigers, in this article we will discuss the latest Valorant ‘Canyon’ map. As we know there are many leaks circulating about the latest Valorant map, therefore we will discuss the newest map here.

Valorant players are always looking forward to the new map, and the first details about the seventh map of Valorant, codenamed Canyon, have been leaked. Here’s everything we know so far, including the release date and more.

Valorant’s newest map, Breeze, was released in April 2021, which feels like a long time for fans who are always looking forward to new content.

With Episode 3 act 1 almost over, they (Valorant’s side) are already thinking about the next map.

However, it seemed they didn’t have to wait too long. Leakers have discovered there’s another one in the works, and although it hasn’t been confirmed, they insist it will be named Canyon.

Canyon: Map Terbaru Valorant 2021!

Canyon: Map Terbaru Valorant 2021!

Tata Letak Map Valorant Canyon

There are no details about the map and its layout yet. However, based on the teaser we saw in the battle pass, it looks like the Canyon rumors are true.

One image shows a canyon-like environment with a large rocky mountain in the distance, while the other shows an assortment of buildings scattered across the top – which may be where the action takes place.

Meanwhile, the flora and landscape are also different from anything we see on other maps. This mysterious map also circulated during the latest Night Market release.

Featuring beautiful greenery on one side and a barren desert on the other, it looks like the Canyon map could be a tale of two climates.

Release Date in Valorant

Canyon: Map Terbaru Valorant 2021!

Valorant Episode 3 Act 1 is expected to finish on September 8, which means Act 2 will be released by then.

The possible release of the map is not far from the latest Act release, it is the earliest possible release for Canyon. However, with the short turnaround of this leak, it’s more likely that Canyon will drop in Act 3 later in October.

However, until now there has been no clear information from the official Valorant or Riot Games. So it’s important for us to be patient waiting for updates from Valorant and also Riot Games.

Many players are waiting and imagining that this map will be fun to play, unlike Breeze, which at the beginning of its release received a lot of criticism because the map size was too wide, so players had difficulty playing at that time.

This map will probably be a good map many players say. Valorant players have put more hope in this one map, and it’s likely true that this map will be an exciting map.

As we know there are 2 maps that Valorant players don’t like, namely Icebox and Breeze, according to players Icebox has a lot of corners and also hallways so it makes it difficult for them to setup their agent lineup during ingame.

In Breeze, the only complaint is that the map size is too wide and makes it difficult for players when they want to rotate to another site. But on the Breeze map, zoning agents shine, such as Viper, Brimstone and also Omen. The three agents are able to defend one site easily with the abilities they have.

So, playing on these 2 maps must have a good strategy to play them.

We will wait for the latest update from Valorant to provide information on Valorant’s latest map, ‘Canyon’, continue to pay attention to social media from Valorant and Riot Games to get the latest information. And VCgamers will also provide you with the latest information about this latest Valorant map.

So, let’s wait and see what Valorant and Riot Games are doing to surprise all Valorant players in the world. What surprises will Valorant and Riot Games come up with? The latest map, the latest Agent and also the latest skin bundle may have been prepared by them for the players.

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