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how to make a descriptive text for a house theme answer woyyyy

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6. The essence of a reading is called….O supporting ideasO statementsOreviewsO conclusions, please answer not cool❌ super cool✅​

write 10 pronouns

What is the content of the news Write the three elements of the news Write the steps to find the main points of the content of the news pay attention to the steps …

do you write a news text that is arranged randomly as follows 1 describes the main information 2 determines the topic 3 goes to the source of information where to record the main information according to the steps to write a news text correctly about the district in order to promote sleep tourism in the fields please answer​

Work on the following questions! The following illustration is for questions number 1-4. Mr. Deni will give a speech at a routine employee meeting regarding the condition of…

socially around the workplace. Mr. Deni saw the phenomenon of many children dropping out of school. The children were forced to go around selling newspapers, snacks, drinks, and shining shoes. Pak Deni felt sorry for the incident. Pak Deni wants to invite the community to care for these children so that they can continue their education. For Mr. Deni, these children can have a better future by going to school.1. Make a persuasive opening speech based on the illustration!2. Make a paragraph of the contents of a persuasive speech based on the illustration!3. Make a closing persuasive speech based on the illustration! Make three persuasive sentences according to the illustration!5. Pay attention to the following random sentences! a. Discuss with children about the importance of avoiding fake news and the dangers of spreading hoax news on social media. b. In fact, fostering a child’s critical mind on a news. Parents should try to listen to the ideas that their children have. d. In this way, children can be more active in thinking about ways to avoid hoax news. Parents can also invite children to discuss to avoid hoax news together. Ce​

make a good sentence about the school environment *Please answer* thank you [tex]pls :this:must:at:send [/tex]​

1.) one of the effective sentences is at least composed of the elements… and… 2.) the effective sentence is in accordance with the rules of the language so that it is easy… by the reader please ba…

so don’t be sorry

how to make a descriptive text for a house theme answer woyyyy

Determine the results of the description contained in paragraph 2 by showing the textual evidence

Determine the part in the structure of the description text by showing the textual evidence

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