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This is the price of the Thrill mountain bike limited edition Red-White, several models available

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KONTAN.CO.ID – Jakarta. Thrill released several Red-White limited edition bikes with such a cool look. Interested? The following is a price list for the limited edition Thrill mountain bike Red-White, the cheapest is IDR 3 million, several models are available.

Cycling, this one activity is still favored by some people to this day. Besides being fun, cycling can also keep your body fit so that your immunity will increase.

The time for cycling is also quite flexible, it can be in the afternoon when you get home from work or on weekends when you are off. To accompany mountain bike lovers to continue their challenging cycling activities, Thrill has released several Red-White limited edition mountain bikes.

Available for several mountain bike series, including Oust, Ravage, and Wreak. The Oust series is quite eye-catching which is priced at an attractive price. Take for example, Thrill Oust T120 3.0 limited edition Red-White.

Thrill Oust T120 3.0 Limited Edition Specifications Red-White

Thrill Oust T120 3.0 mountain bike comes with full suspension which makes the cycling experience comfortable even through extreme terrain.

This is perfect for those of you who want to get a bike that is tough but keeps your wallet safe.

The Thrill Oust T120 3.0 mountain bike carries frame which they call with X-Style Bearing Single Pivot. Suspension located in fork have travel 120MM deep, while the frame 190MM.

Shifter which is carried by a Thrill Oust T120 3.0 bicycle using a Shimano ST-EF41 Ez Fire Plus, 3×7 Speed. In terms of braking, I have also used mechanical disc brake, so the grip is strong and safe when braking.

Overall, the Thrill Oust T120 3.0 mountain bike is very attractive for its price but gets the maximum riding experience. Moreover, the appearance is so dashing and looks tough bulldozing extreme fields.

Finally, the limited edition makes the Thrill Oust T120 3.0 Red-White mountain bike look even cooler. Are you interested?

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Here’s the price list for the Thril Oust T120 mountain bike and other interesting options for the Red-White limited edition:

Thrill Oust T120 3.0 Red-White

  • Thrill Oust T120 3.0 (Limited Edition Red-White) – Rp 3,800,000
  • Thrill Oust T120 1.0 (Limited Edition Red-White) – Rp 4,500,000
  • Thrill Ravage AL 4.0 (Limited Edition Red-White) – IDR 7,330,000
  • Thrill Wreak T140 3.0 (Red-White limited edition) – Rp 7.330.000
  • Thrill Ravage AL 1.0 (Limited Edition Red-White) – Rp 10,950,000

The price of the Thrill bike is sourced from the official Thrill Indonesia website. Please note, prices are subject to change at any time according to the policies of each store or bicycle outlet.

safe hunting bicycle!

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