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Incredibly Sophisticated, This Is The Specification Of The Tiger Tank Made In Indonesia That Foreign Countries Are Starting To Look At

  • Share – It is natural that the Indonesian Army still needs various types of tanks.

Tank is a combat vehicle of the Indonesian Army with armor that moves using chain-shaped wheels.

The main characteristic of tanks owned by the Indonesian Army is that they usually have a protector which is usually a heavy layer of armor.

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In addition, the TNI AD weapon is also in the form of a large cannon, and has high mobility to move in all fields.

Understand, the tanks in the TNI AD armored unit are already very old.

For example, the Indonesian Army is still protecting the AMX-13 medium tank which should have been retired.

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Even the AMX-13 crew have retired, but the tank is still serving in the Indonesian Army.

The arrival of the MBT Leopard 2, Marder 1A3, Pandur II, M113 and Arisgator became a bit of a thirst quencher for the TNI AD armored unit.

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