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Surabaya video editing course that makes you good

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The Surabaya editing course is an option for those of you who live in Surabaya and its surroundings who want to start an online shop business or want to become a celebrity on social media such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and others. With you mastering the science of video editing, your business will likely grow quickly because you can present quality and attractive promotional videos for potential customers. So, where are the editing courses in Surabaya? Here the admin has briefly summarized the course places in Surabaya.

  1. Flashcom indonesia
  2. By visiting the official website you will find out what advantages the institution has to offer, especially in the video editing class service section. One of the advantages of this place is that with affordable prices and flexible schedules, customers can easily take classes without having to leave their main job. In addition, of course, you will be guided by a mentor who is competent in his field. Moreover, this program has organize Video Editing Course in Surabaya since 2013. And now has tens of thousands of alumni. A little description of the material that will be delivered to participants, especially those who are beginners, namely:

    1. Trims or Trimming, which is to trim an object. This serves to edit to remove the parts you don’t want. In addition, it also serves to shorten the duration of the video that is displayed. With trims, it will help arrange the video according to your wishes and specifically, thanks is used to determine the beginning and end of the video.
    2. Split, to split a video into several parts. This will benefit you in shortening the duration. And you don’t need to play the video from the beginning again, for example, you want to play the video in the middle.
    3. Cut is a basic video editing technique that is used to move images from one image to another without any interruption. This cut serves to clarify the previous scene or image by displaying the details. There are two things that need to be considered to make a cut, namely composition and image continuity.
    4. Join is a technique used to combine two images into one. In addition to images, you can also combine videos, music and other content into the video. This keeps you creative with the videos you make.

    As the name implies, this company provides courses on multimedia, not only video editing, but also graphic design and so on. The address for this course is New Deltasari Company Jl. Delta Marina no. 18 Waru –Sidoarjo 61256. For those of you who are out of town, you can also take courses via online zoom.

    Here are the details of the course

    • Private 1 orange (ONLINE ZOOM)
    • Basic
      Premiere Pro, After Effects & Audition
    • 12x meeting | 1 meeting ±@60 minutes
    • Free Registration, Certificate, Free Stationery Kit, Material according to the syllabus stages
    • Online private lessons using Zoom / Google Meet
    • Online private lessons get free Zoom recordings of every meeting
    • Records of each meeting can be viewed and reviewed
    • When you want to come to the course place, make an appointment first via Whatsapp
    • Free lifetime quizzes with instructors & Guided to 100% proficient
    • If you want the Offline class to come on the spot, contact the admin via whatsapp

    For those who are interested, please visit the website at

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    • Studying computer in Surabaya

    Computer course place on Jl. Tubanan Baru 10 Blok/k-15 Surabaya, East Java offers video editing courses. After taking the course you will be able to make Project Video from Camera, Video Edited/Manipulations, Special Video Effects and others. Mastery of the software offered is adobe premiere pro CS, adobe after effects CS, and other video editing software. Just go to the blog here

    Okay, those were some video editing courses in Surabaya. For those who are interested, please go to the website address to dig up detailed information about the institutions that provide this course.

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