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Telang Flower Fried Rice, a Unique Healthy Culinary Serving – Cendana News

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JEMBER — Fried rice with a combination of telang flowers in it becomes a culinary dish that has its own uniqueness as well as beneficial for human health.

Retnowati shows the results of processed telang flowers combined with white rice, when met in Tanoker Village, Ledokombo District, Jember, Saturday (7/8/21). – Iwan Feri’s photo.

“Telang flower has health benefits for the human body. I deliberately mix it with fried rice, to make it a healthy dish,” said Juana, a resident of Tanoker Village, Ledokombo District, Jember to Cendana News, Saturday (7/8/2021).

Juana added that previously she only used the telang flower as an ingredient for processed drinks.

“I got the benefits of the telang flower when I participated in various trainings and sharing at various events held in Tanoker Village. There is a Tanoker community here, which is intense in providing assistance in various activities and traditional food preparations,” he said.

Utilizing the telang flower as a processed healthy food dish, Juana said, the taste produced has its own uniqueness. For people who are not used to it, it will feel strange. However, it is actually capable of providing great benefits to the human body.

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“The taste of processed telang flower fried rice is quite unique. Like we eat vegetables that are usually mixed in fried rice. The texture of the taste itself, of course, has been mixed with the processed spices in it,” he said.

The method of making it is quite easy, Juana said, processed fried rice is made as usual, from rice, garlic, shallots, and flavorings.

“First, all the spices are mashed, then mixed with rice. After that, the frying process is left. While waiting for it to be half cooked, the telang flower is put in a frying pan, then stirred evenly, then the processed telang flower fried rice is ready to be enjoyed,” he explained.

Telang flower is believed to have various health benefits. Among them are anti-oxidants that can improve digestion, treat sore throat, lower blood sugar.

Separately, Retnowati, a member of Tanoker, said that she often makes traditional dishes, to serve food for the Tanoker children who she takes care of with other members.

“We regularly provide traditional dishes to the children here. Because we do avoid fast food for them. Because fast food is not good, so we choose dishes that we cook ourselves, but are healthy,” he said.

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