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Tapir Trapped in PT Arara Abadi HTI Concession, Nilo District, Foreleg Broken

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Pekanbaru, Hariantimes.with – A tapir is entangled in the PT Arara Abadi Industrial Plantation Forest (HTI) concession, Nilo District, Pelalawan Regency.

As a result of being caught in a snare, Tapir’s condition broke his right forefoot in the middle segment. Even the part of the leg that was severed was swollen with the condition of the body looking thin.

Receiving news that a tapir had been snared, the Riau KSDA Center Rescue Team led by the Head of Regional I KSDA Division Andri Hansen Siregar accompanied by the medical team drh Danang went to the location to conduct an examination of a tapir entangled in the HTI concession of PT Arara Abadi, Nilo District, Pelalawan District.

“Based on information, on Tuesday (17/08/2021), PT Arara Abadi succeeded in evacuating Tapirs that were entangled in the PT Arara Abadi HTI concession in Nilo district, then Tapir was placed in the Nilo district office. Wednesday (18/08/2021), taking into account the physical condition of the animals began to decline, the company took initial action through the Animal Mantri giving antibiotics as well as flea and anti-fly drugs.Thursday (19/08/2021), the Riau KSDA Center Medical Team provided treatment by injecting anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics and vitamins .,” said Acting Head of Riau KSDA Center Hartono through a press release sent to the media, Friday (20/08/2021)

Hartono conveyed that the sex of Tapir is male with the age of more than 10 years. Although the condition is thin, the Tapir still wants to eat.

“We urge the public not to set snares in their plantation areas for any reason. And to the concessionaires to participate in monitoring the concession area to be free from snares,” Hartono urged while mentioning that for the time being the Tapir is being treated by the Riau KSDA Center Medical Team at PT. Eternal Arara of the Nilo district.

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