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Simultaneous Harvest East Jakarta Urban Farming Gets 750 Kilograms of Vegetables

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Jakarta – Simultaneous harvesting in 73 urban farming locations and RPTRA spread across 10 sub-districts and 65 urban villages in East Jakarta, producing 750 kilograms of vegetables.

Chairman of the East Jakarta City PKK TP, Diah Anwar said, this activity was carried out simultaneously in all areas of DKI Jakarta and was directly led by the chair of the DKI PKK TP, Erry Farhati, virtually, Friday (20/8/2021).

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“The simultaneous harvest in East Jakarta was attended by TP PKK cadres, farmer groups, urban farming activists, RPTRA managers, youth organizations, as well as government and private institutions,” Diah said while harvesting vegetables at the Mayor’s Office Green House.

According to him, all parties involved are very enthusiastic in the process of harvesting and growing crops on urban farming land through soil and hydroponic media.

“Today’s simultaneous harvest for vegetables and other horticultural crops totals 750 kilograms. Besides vegetables, there are also fruits and family medicinal plants, as well as 120 kilograms of catfish,” Diah continued.

It is stated that the harvests will be distributed simultaneously to the community, TP PKK cadres, agricultural activists, RPTRA managers and other parties involved. Meanwhile, 120 kilograms of harvested catfish are planned to be sold to catfish pecel traders in East Jakarta.

Acting Head of East Jakarta KPKP Sub-Department, Ali Nurdin added, his party will continue to provide guidance in 73 urban farming locations in East Jakarta so that the farming process is carried out properly and correctly. So that the harvest is satisfactory, as happened today.

“All urban farming locations in East Jakarta are under our guidance. Hopefully, the reforestation program will continue to run well. It is hoped that this can motivate both farmer groups and those who are not yet a farmer group,” said Aki.

He hopes that people’s interest in becoming farmers by utilizing narrow land for reforestation or urban farming will increase. So that the results can later be used to meet the needs of the community. (hm)

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