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How to make drawing and text entry in computer appreciation?​

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6. then display it in the place where there is a selection of pictures for the story18bahasa java study grade 6 please collect them later !!

Something around us in the form of both objects and non -objects that can affect and be influenced by our attitudes and actions is called ecosystem habitat…

environmental or population theme

B. seek and dismiss the words of adoration of the language after hidep get information about adoration, now pékhidep seek words of adoration…

ian basa sunda nu hidep apal. how to ask the kiai father, mother/father, listening from the musholla/mosque, etc.

A particle experiences constant deceleration until its speed changes from 20m/s to 10m/s after traveling 75 meters. what is the distance…

g is taken by the particle to a stop?

Bayu wants to measure the mass of the material for a science experiment which has a mass of 7.25 grams. In your opinion, what measuring instrument should be used by bayu …

explain why❗​

1. explain the steps for creating a new account in the myob program​

Exercise 4leu the following sentences can conveniently use the spelling bar.geran. really live now applying question marks, exclamation marks, marks…

constipation, italics, and semicolons in the following sentences. fill in the boxes provided! 1. going to go where, bu t anya galih to bu sri.2. manawi akang | they already know the schedule of competition activities3. throw here mine, jang4. which are paired are four kinds of poems, love letters, tales, and pupuh.5. envoy pasanggiri sdn rancagémaca sajak galih, rara, miangadongeng erlan, irfan, noviaaksara sunda asih, yoga mayatolong di bantu temen temen besok mau di kumpulkan

Make a short meditation/sermon from the book of proverbs (choose 1 passage or several verses)​

iii. Fill in the blanks below so that it becomes a true statement!1. Our uniqueness is a gift from God, so it is appropriate that we …

we are grateful and grateful to ..2. hots men and women are partners of God in creating new humans, they complement and help each other with …,3. hots in society there is a view that men have the right to be a leader, in the Kartini era women can go to school, this is commonly called4. women and men should help each other, but there is an assessment in society that women are only as breadwinners…5. women naturally give birth to a child, accompany, and teach towards goodness, then children must always love and respect….​

Mention the types and themes of examples of chronicle stories in the sublime!

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