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Jembrana Cocoa Encouraged as Regional Potential Branding |

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JEMBRANA, Jembrana cocoa which has penetrated the export market because it has the best quality received attention from the Deputy Chair of the Indonesian People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) Fadel Muhamad, Friday (6/8/2021).

Fadel Muhammad came to Jembrana and was greeted by the Regent of Jembrana I Nengah Tamba accompanied by Pj. Regional Secretary I Made Budiasa along with several OPD leaders at the Jembrana Regent’s Office House.

On a visit with a discussion agenda
together with representatives of farmers, and OPD in the agricultural sector in Jembrana, Fadel wants Jembrana to focus on cocoa (chocolate) as a regional branding.

The reason is that Jembrana cocoa is very famous for its very large production quality.

“I think there are many things that can be brought to Jakarta to be processed from the results of discussions with the Regent, the relevant officials and the aspirations of the farmers. Later I will forward it to the minister in charge of each.

Like Jembrana’s chocolate commodity, I also happen to be the Chairman of MAI (Agri-Industrial Society) which oversees all provinces. We will take this to the national level.

What I see to be something to be processed and I will directly control this to the Minister of Agriculture RI, “he said.

Another hope for Jembrana’s potential in the fisheries sector is also extraordinary. Fadel also supports the development of the tourism sector, namely the regent’s grand plan to restore a new history of Tibu Kleneng.

The former Governor of Gorontalo Province for that period suggested that currently what can be worked on first is in the fields of agriculture, namely cocoa and fisheries.

These two sectors are the main programs and have received the attention of the central government.

Next, work on tourism due to the toll road being built and also the airport in Buleleng. He said he was optimistic that in the future Jembrana would be great, and this is the future of Indonesia.

“Jembrana is close to East Java, which has a population of 35 million people, you can imagine the potential for local people to come is very large,” he said.

In addition, the vision or big dream conveyed by the regent as described by TM, according to him is something realistic to be implemented.

“Jembrana can rise in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, I think there is support from agriculture and fisheries besides Jembrana, it also has good rice and other potentials. Once again, I am very optimistic that Jembrana will become a developed district and the potential to support it is enormous,” explained Fadel.

Meanwhile, the Regent of Jembrana, I Nengah Tamba, conveyed his welcome to the Deputy Chairman of the MPR RI Fadel Muhamad to Jembrana Regency, which incidentally is the westernmost region on the island of Bali.

The Regent also mentioned that regionally potential, Jembrana relies on agriculture and marine affairs. One of them is Jembrana Cocoa which is currently the main commodity of the Jembrana regional government.

Apart from that, Cocoa is also known for its extraordinary marine and fishery potential, as well as the tourism potential that is currently being developed, namely the development of the Tibu Kleneng area.

“Thank you for coming, Mr. Deputy Chairperson of the MPR RI Fadel Muhammad to Jembrana, hopefully his presence can inspire us all, especially to learn from the experiences he has gained. and have a positive impact on progress in Jembrana Regency,” he said.

Author : Anom
Editor: Oka Suryawan

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