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SMP IT Nur Hidayah, Encourage Hydroponics and Vertical Garden

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junior high school Integrated Islam (IT) Nur Hidayah Surakarta is preparing to enter the city-level Adiwiyata school. Through various programs launched since last June. Namely greening, hydroponics, vertical garden, and direct pharmacy.

Preparation for SMP IT Nur Hidayah to Adiwiyata school, starting with making vertical garden. Take advantage of the school’s front wall. Don’t take up too much land. The majority are filled with ornamental plants. Indeed, the goal is to beautify the front yard of the school at once the place Photo. For this initial stage, water three times a day. Use the faucet, turn on the switch, the water will flow automatically.

vertical garden The process starts in May and finishes in June. How to plant using vericulture. So, a series of plants planted in tarpaulin media that has been given a hole. Then they are arranged vertically,” said Deputy Head of Facilities and Infrastructure (Sarpras) at SMP IT Nur Hidayah Surakarta Muhammad Suhadi to Java Post Radar Solo, yesterday (20/8).

SMPIT Nur Hidayah also promotes reforestation programs. Collaborate with school committees and students. One of the programs is One Child One Pot (Sanak Sapot). Therefore, each student donates one plant and pot to the school.

“Sapot’s relatives have entered class VII and IX. Class VII, the plan is for the next two weeks. Distributed in turns so that not many students come. We instructed those present to represent Adiwiyata cadres. There are seven students per class. Scheduled arrivals and adhere to strict health protocols (prokes),” he added.

Well, one of the main programs of the Adiwiyata school is hydroponics. Making hydroponics in collaboration with outside parties. In addition to making, also maintain regularly.

“Hydroponics is full of vegetables. Like mustard greens and kale. Later school children will harvest. Look at the harvest first. If possible, it can be sold to school children,” explained Suhadi.

Furthermore, the pharmacy program is broadcast live. In the form of cultivation of family medicinal plants (toga). Such as ginger, turmeric, kencur, and so on. In addition, several working groups (pokja) were formed. Among them are the Working Group on Cleanliness, Waste Management, Water Conservation, Energy Conservation, Environmentally Friendly Behavior (PRLH), and so on.

“We plan to hold training and utilize waste recycling. So that waste can be managed properly. The implementation will look at the conditions. For example still on line, yes slow teleconferencing as Cloud Meeting Zoom. So that you can practice right away Share. If on line not optimal, can offline with limited participants,” he said.

Suhadi gave an example of the use of waste recycling. For example, an old mineral water bottle can be used as a pencil and pen holder. To reduce the use of plastic, students are advised to use water bottles and food containers from home. “We also intend to cooperate with waste banks for waste management,” he said.

Now, the implementation of these various programs has shown tangible results. The environment of SMP IT Nur Hidayah Surakarta is cooler and more beautiful. “We have a work schedule. Every two weeks, every Saturday to clean the school. Involve the school community. Including teachers and Adiwiyata cadres. Last service work, last July. Children make 10 biopori dots and infiltration wells,” said Suhadi.

The implementation of the Adiwiyata program also involves the community living around the school environment. In the form of education related to the culture of caring for the environment. As well as a culture of clean and healthy living. “We’re not just looking for an assessment. But it also raises concerns about the environment,” he said.

Meanwhile, one of the cadres of SMP IT Adiwiyata Nur Hidayah Surakarta Nadhifa Khairunnisa Afiani strongly supports the program. “To make the school environment more comfortable, cool, and beautiful. Adiwiyata cadets during the outbreak were also instructed to make videos and posters about reforestation,” explained the class IX F student. (nis / ian / fer)

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