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The Regent of Madina H Jakfar Sukhairi Nasution inspected the location of the flood, which had been raining recently in the Mandailing Natal district with a group of SKPD.

As for what was in the spotlight, the farmers’ rice crops of around 170.4 hectares were destroyed in the flood that occurred on Wednesday (18/8).

The information was obtained on Friday (20/8) from the Head of the Madina Agriculture Office, when the Regent of Madina HM. Jafar Sukhairi Nasution inspected the flood-stricken agricultural area in Aek Muarasada Kel. Simangambat, Siabu District.

In the report, in connection with the very high rainfall in Mandailing Natal Regency which resulted in flooding in several sub-districts that occurred on Wednesday 18 August 2021

Namely in the sub-districts of Siabu, Natal and Muara Batang Gadis. We can report to you that there are 8 : eight villages affected by the flood in the Siabu sub-district.

Data on the area of ​​rice fields affected by the flood covering an area of ​​824 Ha and Fuso covering an area of ​​170.4 Ha with planting conditions 2 to 4 MST (Sunday after planting)

We can report the extensive data affected by the flood as follows:
Sihepeng Village I , standard area (Ha) 84 , affected (Ha) 5, FUSO 0.4 . Plant Age 2 MST Huta Raja, standard area (Ha) 425, affected (Ha) 140, FUSO 50Simangambat, standard area (Ha) 960 , affected (Ha) 354, FUSO 35 . Plant age 4 MST, Bonan Dolok, standard area (Ha) 337.1 , affected (Ha) 40, FUSO 10. Siabu, standard area (Ha) 372 , affected (Ha) 50, FUSO 15 .

Bosi Stairs III, standard area (Ha) 178 , affected (Ha) 105, FUSO 20 .Huraba, standard area (Ha) 820 , affected (Ha) 100, FUSO 0/40. Estuary Batang Angkola, standard area (Ha) 50, affected (Ha) 30, FUSO 0 . Plant Age 2 WAP Total standard area (Ha) 3,226.1. affected (Ha) 824, FUSO 170.4.

For Natal District, there are 3 Villages Affected by the Flood, namely Patiluban Hilir Village with an area of ​​30 Ha, Balimbing Village 36 Ha, and Bonda Kase Village 70 Ha, which at this time there is no planting so that there is only peanut planting with an area of ​​2 Ha and Vegetables 1 Ha.

For the Muara Batang Gadis sub-district that was affected by the flood, namely Sulang Aling Village covering an area of ​​400 hectares.

Monitoring of journalists, the Regent of Madina at the time of reviewing the agricultural area gave input to the Head of PUPR, Head of Agriculture, Siabu Sub-district, and the TNI – Polri who participated in reviewing the flood location.zal

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