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No need to go to the tax office, this is an easy way to make NPWP online

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TRIBUNPEKANBARU.COM – Every Indonesian citizen who becomes a taxpayer is required to have a Taxpayer Identification Number or NPWP.

The ownership of this NPWP is very important, even for taking care of various administrative documents.

People are often required to include a NPWP such as for the requirements for applying for a mortgage, establishing a business entity, creating an account, to dealing with the monthly salary of employees.

NPWP is the number given to the taxpayer as a means of tax administration and transactions.

In addition, NPWP is a self-identification or identity of the taxpayer in carrying out tax rights and obligations.

NPWP must be owned by Indonesian citizens and foreigners who become taxpayers, both individuals and business entities.

The Directorate General of Taxes is currently providing facilities on how to make an online TIN.

That way, taxpayers do not have to come directly to the nearest tax office.

Then how to make a TIN online?

Quoted from the official statement from the Ministry of Finance, how to make an online NPWP is that the taxpayer must complete the following requirements:

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