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Hyundai Staria is equipped with a Turbo Diesel engine, here are the specifications & prices

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The Hyundai Staria has been launched.  There are 2 choices of models


The Hyundai Staria has been launched. There are 2 choices of models – Today (20/8), Hyundai Motors Indonesia officially launched its newest gambot MPV model, the Hyundai Staria.

SungJong Ha, President Director of PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia in his official release said, “Staria is not only an innovative product to support the mobility needs of customers, but also allows them to gain access to maximum comfort to support productive and valuable activities.”

Launched globally by the Hyundai Motor Company on April 13, 2021, the Hyundai Staria has a large spacecraft-inspired body.

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Luggage has a very large capacity

toncil/Otomotifnet (Hyundai Youtube screenshot)

Luggage has a very large capacity

From the name and form, the Staria seems at first glance to be the successor of the Hyundai H1 or Starex. However, Hyundai calls it different from the H1 which is still being sold.

This big MPV concept is called by Hyundai as a Purpose Built Vehicle (PBV).

Hyundai Staria in Indonesia is offered in two variants which are distinguished from the number of passenger seats. There are Signature 7 and Signature 9.

Signature 7 as the most luxurious variant, is equipped with 7 seats and premium relaxation seats in the second row which can be reclined automatically and shifted for easy access.

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