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5 Minimalist House Models Celebrity Recommendations, Can Be Imitated

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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Now having a minimalist home has become a trend for some millennials. Millennials deliberately choose small homes because of friendly prices and can be designed minimalist and comfortable instagrammable.

Those of you who want to have a minimalist-style house may be able to take a peek at some of the minimalist home models recommended by celebrities or influence. Here’s the presentation:

Modern Minimalist

Celebrity Clara Devi has a simple home layout, not too many interior walls, and several open areas. It reduces the number of items in the house and adapts a natural touch with bricks.

He also worked around this by using white paint in one of the narrow rooms. And take advantage of empty corners with furniture or interesting items so that the room is not stiff.

Cozy and neat

One hijab celeb with the real name Khaerunnisa or often known by the name of the Instagram account @nisacookie attracts attention because of her upload which shows a residence with a minimalist and very neat design.

In the closet room, Nisa uses a simple and minimalist doorless wardrobe concept. For the kitchen, Nisa also makes it neat and even food stocks are also arranged using beautiful glass jars.

You can also see the kitchen set with style vintage and minimalist furniture. The choice of white color in the kitchen set makes the room look more spacious and elegant, coupled with quality kitchen furniture. In the family room there is also a mirror above the table, equipped with unique furniture around it.


Infuencer Ratri Muditasari is the owner of a home design account located in the country named @kellyshirouchi.

He has a minimalist house with 2 floors and 3 bedrooms. Then renovated and decorated with a more modern design and homey.

As a cat lover, the owner also added a play area for this beloved animal. The design of this house is open space which minimizes the use of barriers.

With monochrome nuances and a touch of green plants, the interior of this house looks comfortable as well as aesthetic.

Vintage and Elegant

Instagram account @melodrama brings unique vintage-themed interior design.

The design of the house is inspired and dominated by pastel colors which are combined in such a way that it becomes attractive.

Bold color combinations and themed furniture vintage become the hallmark of the design of the house.

Minimalist elements are still felt, as well as the use of little but functional furniture. Interesting and fresh design ideas to apply in your home.

Clean and Monochrome

Artist Karina Nadila also carries the concept of a minimalist home. The two-story house looks dominated by white and black. In front of his house, he has a black garden chair to relax on.

At home, Karina also has a walk-in closet so she can store her things in a more organized and organized manner. Like other rooms, this room is also dominated by white which gives a clean and minimalist impression.

In the living room, it is equipped with a rotate TV that can rotate vertically and horizontally, and has a comfortable sofa. On one side of the wall, the woman who is familiarly called Nina is seen displaying a photo shoot with her husband.

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