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6 Ways to Overcome Laptop Hangs on Windows and Macbooks

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It turns out that there is an easy way to deal with a laptop that is hang or stop responding.

So you don’t need to panic if this happens.

Come on, follow the steps that Glints has summarized if your Windows and Mac laptops hang below this!

How to Fix Hang on Windows Laptop

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For you Windows users, there are several ways to deal with laptops hang which Glints has compiled from Microsoft Support.

1. Force close the application in use

However, if the first method doesn’t work on a laptop that’s hang, you can force close the application that is currently in use.

Closing applications forcibly will reduce the workload of your laptop.

Well, the way to force close an application on Windows is with the steps below.

  1. Click button Ctrl, Shift, and Esc on your keyboard at the same time. Then the Task Manager appears, select End Task.
  2. Click button Ctrl, Alt, and Delete together, then select Task Manager and click End Task.

If you want torestart reset the laptop, you can use the second method then select Restart.

2. Delete history and cache

If the laptop hangs when you’re browsing on the internet, then try deleting history and cache from browser-mu.

You can go to section settings or settings on browser, then select delete history and clear cache.

Usually, this happens due to a virus or malware from various sites that you visited before.

So make sure you delete history and cache periodically so that your laptop remains virus-free.

3. Check for viruses or malware

If the previous method can’t solve your laptop, hang, you can scan and check whether your laptop has a virus or not.

Generally, viruses and malware can cause your laptop system to crash so it can’t respond properly.

You can use an antivirus application to check this.

4. Install repeat drive

The last tip that you can try to overcome the laptop hang is with install repeat drive appropriate.

If you recently updated or downloaded a software, find out if the version is suitable or not on your laptop.

Usually, a software or the application has its own laptop specifications. Well, make sure that your laptop’s specifications match, so that it doesn’t cause problems in the future.

If it doesn’t fit, you can install repeat software and choose a more compatible version.

How to Fix Hang on Mac Laptop

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If you’re using a Mac, here’s how to fix a laptop that’s hang.

1. Force close the application you are using

The first step you can do is close all applications that are currently in use.

However, because your laptop is not responding, you can use force.

According to the Mac Support page,

  • Click button Option, Command, and Esc (Escape) simultaneously.
  • Then select Finder > Applications > Utility > Activity Monitor.
  • Next click Kill Process to force close the application.

2. Restart repeat

If the first tips can’t fix hang on a Macbook, you canrestart reset in safe mode.

This mode will keep your previous work saved and will not be lost. The method:

  • Press the button Shift and sign up arrow. After that your Mac will restart automatic.

When still hang also, it could be a hardware problem, for example RAM or something else. So you can take it to a computer shop or consult with IT support in the office.

If you are confused or find difficulties when repairing a laptop that hang, you can also ask your fellow users in the Glints Community.

In the question and answer forum you can discuss with fellow Glints users and experts in the world of work.

Come on, sign up now to start discussions with other professionals!

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