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Many Enthusiasts, District Office of Serang Encourages Coffee Development

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KAB. SERANG – In order to encourage the development of people’s coffee plants, the Agriculture Service (Distan) of Serang Regency will plant 30,000 Robusta coffee seeds.

Head of the Serang District Office, Zaldi Dhuhana, said that the plant population in Serang Regency is still relatively low, while the demand for coffee is very high.

“Demand is high but our farmers cannot produce continuously,” he told, Friday (20/8/2021).

Zaldi said, the large demand also came from the barista community and coffee lovers who wanted to participate in coffee exhibitions by marketing coffee seeds from Serang Regency but were often constrained by the lack of available coffee seeds.

“So actually it’s like from the barista community, then the coffee lovers have communicated with us, they want coffee from Serang to be able to participate in events, but because earlier they could only taste it once, so the repeat order (RO) doesn’t exist, it’s discontinuous,” he said. Zaldi.

He also mentioned that the number of coffee seeds harvested in Serang Regency is currently under 100 tons.

“Now we have at least one harvest below 100 tons, but after that we can’t repeat orders anymore,” continued Zaldi.

Seeing the lack of coffee seeds, the District Office of Serang discussed the matter with the Regent of Serang Ratu Tatu Chasanah.

“If I’m not mistaken, there are around 30,000 seeds of assistance from the Ministry of Agriculture,” said Zaldi.

It is planned that the assistance from the Ministry of Agriculture will later be planted in 4 areas in Serang Regency, namely Anyar District, Cinangka District, Padarincang District, and Ciomas District.

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