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How to Create a Zoom Meeting Invitation Link from PC and Mobile

  • Share – Zoom is a mandatory application during the Covid-19 pandemic, for those who work online, or study from home.

Although many are already familiar with the Zoom application, maybe some users are still confused about how to create a Zoom Meeting invitation link.

In fact, users can easily invite other people, either from long before the meeting takes place, or even when the meeting is in progress.

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Following KompasTekno summarize how to invite Zoom Meetings from PC and mobile, either before or during the meeting.

1. How to invite Zoom before the meeting starts

Usually, for formal activities, meeting invitations or virtual meetings have been given long before the meeting takes place.

To be able to distribute invitations, users must first create or schedule a virtual meeting using the “Schedule Meeting” feature.

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Only then, users can copy the meeting invitation and pass it on to the people they want to invite.

This meeting invitation usually contains information about the topic and time of the Zoom meeting. Complete with a link, Meeting ID, and passcode that other people can use to join the meeting.

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Users can schedule meetings and get invite links from PCs or smartphones. Here are the full steps.

how to invite people to a Zoom Meeting in advance, via a Galuh Putri Riyanto how to invite people to a Zoom Meeting in advance, via a smartphone.
  • Open the Zoom app on your PC or smartphone
  • Click the “Schedule” option on the main page
  • Set the meeting schedule by filling in the topic, meeting day/date, duration, and other things needed
  • Click save
  • On PC, schedule meeting can be seen in the tab “Meetings”
  • To send an invitation, click on the horizontal three dots on the schedule
  • Click on “copy invitation”
  • Or users can click the “Show Meeting Invitation” option and copy the entire contents
  • Next, the user just needs to paste (paste) the invitation, for example to the e-mail or WhatsApp chat of the person you want to invite into meeting zoom
  • Users can also distribute meeting invitations via other platforms

How to make a Zoom Meeting invitation link from HP

  • On smartphones, the option to invite others will automatically appear as soon as the meeting is scheduled
  • Users just need to click the “invite” option
  • In a way default, users are given the option to invite others via e-mail, SMS, chat Facebook Messenger
  • Choose one, then send an invitation to the intended person
  • Or, users can also use the “copy to clipboard” option to invite others through other applications. For example via WhatsApp chat
  • Users can also send invitations with the “Send Invitation” option in the “Meetings” tab.

2. How to invite Zoom during a meeting

How to invite people to a Zoom Meeting when the meeting is already in Galuh Putri Riyanto How to invite people to a Zoom Meeting when the meeting is already in progress.

There are times when users want to hold a meeting or sudden meeting with friends or coworkers. So, it is not possible to schedule a meeting in advance.

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Users can simply open the meeting room. After that, just invite other people to join the meeting. Here are the full steps.

  • Open the Zoom app on your PC or smartphone
  • Click the “New Meeting” option on the main page
  • Then select “Start a Meeting”
  • To invite people, click the “Participants” option at the bottom of the screen
  • Then click “invite”
  • Later a new window will appear. There, users can invite people via SMS, Facebook Messenger chat, or e-mail
  • Or you can also use the “copy invite link” or “copy invitation” option
  • Then send meeting invitations to the intended person through other applications, such as WhatsApp chat, Instagram direct messages, and so on

Those are two easy ways to invite Zoom Meetings. Good luck!

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