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6 Meanings of Dreams of Seeing Flowers According to Javanese Primbon, Luck to Failure

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RINGTIMES BALI – The most beautiful plants in the world are flowers. We can find flowers blooming in the garden, yard, or anywhere.

Types of flowers are also very diverse, there are roses, jasmine, orchids, and others. By looking at flowers, our hearts will definitely feel more happy and calm.

When we are asleep, we may dream that we are in a garden and see flowers blooming.

Reported from the YouTube channel Sinetron 1602 on August 20, 2021, the following is the meaning of dreams of seeing flowers:

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  1. Dream of seeing flowers in the garden

According to an interpreter, this dream is a good sign. This dream has a meaning, that you will get unexpected luck.

This luck can be obtained from the people closest to you or around you.

  1. Dream of using a necklace or seeing withered flowers

The dream of wearing a necklace or seeing wilted flowers according to Javanese primbon means that you will experience disappointment.

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Disappointment comes from people you trust. You should maintain communication with people you trust so you don’t experience this.

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